• China Intellectual Property Right Training Location: Vasa, Finland More information

    Welcome to a thematic seminar on Intellectual property protection in China, November 1st 2017.

    Intellectual property protection in China plays a vital role in expanding profit sources of companies in order to remain competitive in the ever-challenging market. Companies shall not only maintain their rights related to the intellectual property, but map their own strategy of IPR when engaged in trades and cooperation in China.

    The event is moderated by Development Manager Mikael Hallbäck, Levón Institute and Senior Business Advisor Lasse Pohjala, Vaasa Region Development Company. The event is free of charge but we ask you to register in advance (30.10. at the latest) via this linkexternal link, opens in new window

  • Wood Building Summit Location: Skellefteå, Sweden More information

    An international conference for wood construction where visitors can meet decision makers and influencers who want to learn more about how wood construction can help achieve climate goals in an innovative and cost-effective way.

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  • Smart City Expo World Congress Location: Barcelona, Spain More information

    The Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona is a meeting place for public and private organizations, exhibitors and visitors from around the world with more than 17000 visitors, over 600 exhibitors from more than 650 cities.

    The Smart City Expo World Congress brings together the most relevant experts and leaders from the world's most innovative cities, companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and research centers with strategies for a smarter and more sustainable urban environment. In the exhibition area, participants present their latest innovations, real-life solutions and products, technologies that provide concrete and sustainable positive effects on millions of people's lives.

    Cleantech Kvarken will be in place. Read more and sign up here.external link, opens in new window

  • Elmia Subcontractor Location: Jönköping, Sweden More information

    Elmia Subcontractor is northern Europe’s leading trade show for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry and their clients - a true specialist trade show for product development and purchases.

  • Cleantech Kvarkens Advisory Board - Örnsköldsvik, Umeå, Skellefteå Location: Skellefteå, Umeå och Örnsköldsvik, Sverige More information

    Cleantech Kvarken's project team is testing a whole new way of working in the autumn to establish new business contacts in the energy and environmental industry in the Kvarken region. Swedish business developer comes to Vaasa a couple of days each month to meet companys in Vasaregionen and business developer from Vaasa visiting Örnsköldsvik, Umeå and Skellefteå on the Swedish side with the same goal.

    The idea is to make it easier for companies interested in business opportunities on the other side of Kvarken to contact the project team and get help with eg. establishments. "We have listened to the needs of companies and the interest is great for business cooperation across Kvarken. The companies ask for help with contacts. By being in place in Vaasa, we can continuously capture requests from Finnish companies on the Swedish side and match them to our business interests, "says Peter Hedman, project manager for Cleantech Kvarken.

    Welcome to contact us for more information about the hits or book a free meeting today!

  • Baltic Sea region smart energy solutions Location: Estonia More information

    Businesses are important actors in addressing the global energy challenge. The business community can provide innovative products and services, essential technologies, management and technical capabilities, and financial resources. However, given the magnitude of the challenge, companies cannot do everything; collaboration between governments, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders and a holistic approach are crucial if we are to deal successfully with the global energy challenge.

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  • SLUSH Location: Helsinki, Finland More information

    Welcome to Helsinki and this year's meeting place for start-ups and investors in Finland.

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