• Cleantech Kvarkens Advisory Board - Vasa Location: Vasa, Finland More information

    Cleantech Kvarken's project team is testing a whole new way of working in the autumn to establish new business contacts in the energy and environmental industry in the Kvarken region. Swedish business developer comes to Vaasa a couple of days each month to meet companys in Vasaregionen and business developer from Vaasa visiting Örnsköldsvik, Umeå and Skellefteå on the Swedish side with the same goal.

    The idea is to make it easier for companies interested in business opportunities on the other side of Kvarken to contact the project team and get help with eg. establishments. "We have listened to the needs of companies and the interest is great for business cooperation across Kvarken. The companies ask for help with contacts. By being in place in Vaasa, we can continuously capture requests from Finnish companies on the Swedish side and match them to our business interests, "says Peter Hedman, project manager for Cleantech Kvarken.

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    Nordic Business Forum - The best business day of your year? The events are known for a customer experience like no other. Attention to detail, an impressive speaker lineup, top notch customer service, and bright-minded attendees.

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