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    It is about the business benefits, creating a successful region and a strong place brand that attracts a skilled workforce. Our goal is to that the landscapes of Ostrobothnia will enrich the future with a stronger focus on the benefits of gender equality.  

    The conference Women with Impact is founded by North Sweden Cleantech and has previously been arranged in Skellefteå and Umeå, where it has been a success. It is now finally time for it to come to Vaasa. We are arranging this day with speakers such as the former vice prime minister of Sweden, Margareta Winberg, the gender photographer, Tomas Gunnarsson, the motivation and communication expert known from TedX Vaasa and the moderator of the day, Antoni Lacinai, the gender equality consultant and CEO, Sinikka Mustakallio, Ph.D. student in computer science and telecom at Vaasa University, Shaima Abdelmageed and the project manager for Cleantech Kvarken and North Sweden Cleantech and author of the book "Bli bäst på regional utveckling", Peter Hedman.

    We are turning to both men and women and are hoping for a mixed audience. The event is trilingual and the presentations will be held in Swedish and English.

    Welcome to an inspiring day!

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    For more information, contact Triinu Varblane