Cleantech Kvarken

Cleantech Kvarken

Cleantech Kvarken is part of a long-term industry investment in the cleantech field. The project provides strength via cross-border collaborations with the regional investments by Energy Vaasaexternal link, opens in new window in Finland and North Sweden Cleantechexternal link, opens in new window in Sweden. Here you find strong industries in areas such as energy, forestry, information technology and life sciences, where environmental relevance is a driving force. The investments will contribute to commercially viable products and services, to growing businesses and to sustainable growth.

some of our cleantech companies


Energy Efficient Industrial Lighting

Prismalence sells energy efficient heavy-duty lights based on our patented lens technology. Giving large energy savings and comfortable light through prismatic light control since 2003. The rectangular light covers a bigger area than the traditional round light beams. The closed system gives a minimal stray light and saves energy. Prismalence is illuminating harbors in i.e. Stockholm, London, Singapore and Dubai and is a one stop solution for all lighting needs on a terminal but also delivers to other demanding customers such as the Swedish Railroad and the heavy forest, steel and mining industry.

Smart Climate

Smart Climate Solutions for Parked Aircrafts

Smart Climate Scandinavian AB provides an environmentally friendly, patented heating and cooling system for parked units particularly focusing on commercial aircrafts and ships. We offer both mobile and fixed mounted units. The mobile unit, which does not need towing due to being able to drive itself, is suitable for docking to the aircraft parked at the gate. Both variants use our unique control systems that optimize energy use and contribute to a cost-effective and environmentally efficient solution for the heating and cooling of the parked aircraft.


The Battery Specialist

Established in 1989, we work with many different suppliers to offer a wide range of quality batteries. We develop and manufacture all kinds of rechargeable battery packs according to our customer’s requirements. For example, power tools, emergency lighting systems, fresh air helmets and industrial batteries. We manufacture in accordance with the ISO 9001 / 14001 quality standard. With our unique battery change and refill system, we take care of our customers’ hazardous waste which is sent for recycling to ‘Akkuser’ in Nivala. Our clients consist of private individuals, companies and large industries.

Interested in collaboration ? 

Our mission is to strengthen the conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Cleantech sector. We offer business support, marketing channels and platforms for collaboration between industry, academia and government. The goal is to increase business via cross-border collaboration and joint export initiatives.

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