Cleantech Kvarken

Cleantech Kvarken

Cleantech Kvarken is part of a long-term industry investment in the cleantech field. The project provides strength via cross-border collaborations with the regional investments by Energy Vaasaexternal link, opens in new window in Finland and North Sweden Cleantechexternal link, opens in new window in Sweden. Here you find strong industries in areas such as energy, forestry, information technology and life sciences, where environmental relevance is a driving force. The investments will contribute to commercially viable products and services, to growing businesses and to sustainable growth.

some of our cleantech companies


Cloud Automation Revolutionized

Elastisys offers a cloud management platform which provides fast and robust IT systems that are cost and energy efficient. Features include predictive auto-scaling, monitoring, automatic failover, multi-cloud capabilities and support for all the big public and on-premise cloud platforms as well as Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack and more. The technology extends on decades of internationally leading research and is unique in its predictive approach to automatically scaling resources according to future needs. The effects are higher availability, better user experience at peak loads and cost and energy savings. The Elastisys cloud automation platform is capable of managing cloud deployments that are private, public, or even hosted across different clouds.

MoRe Research

Experts in Pilot Trials and Advanced Chemical and Physical Analyses

MoRe Research offers you, with our wide range of instruments, pilot equipments and researchers, the opportunities to develop existing or new processes and products towards an environmentally friendly world. Our focus areas are wood raw-material and pulp development for both biorefinery development, nanocellulose and cellulose derivatives of various kinds and more traditional applications like paper, packaging materials and hygiene paper. Hela vägen® has been our work methodology for many years but is also an attitude that permeates our work with a holistic approach and understanding of how the sub-processes affect each other and the final product. Come and visit us to see what we can do for you and your process.


A Leading Technology Partner for Industrial Businesses.

Our focus is on enhancing our clients’ performance across all functions by injecting information technology at its best. With our expertise in software and electronics we create solutions that boost industrial innovation. Our solutions are being used by domain leading companies globally. The company was established in 1999 in Vaasa, Finland. We are an independent and privately owned company that currently employs over 280 software specialists, and the company is constantly growing.

Interested in collaboration ? 

Our mission is to strengthen the conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Cleantech sector. We offer business support, marketing channels and platforms for collaboration between industry, academia and government. The goal is to increase business via cross-border collaboration and joint export initiatives.

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