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Below is a short introduction to some of the companies we support and work with regarding the region's Cleantech investments. Further down you will find a complete list of the companies that have chosen to participate in the project and which are included in our business directory. The companies are situated in Västerbotten, the Vasa Region and Örnsköldsvik.

The list is updated continuously. Please contact us if your company has an interest to collaborate with us and have a presence on our website and in the corporate directory. Contact >


Arcteq designs, markets, manufactures and provide supports for protection relays, arc flash protection systems, measuring and monitoring and smart grid IEDs for e.g. electrical utility, power generation, industrial, off-shore and marine users. Along with quality products Arcteq is committed to provide industry leading support and service to its customers.

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Järven Ecotech

Järven Ecotech is a specialist in designing and building complete water purification systems for storm water, leachate water, process water and sewage water. Focus is on cost effective and reliable solutions with the least possible environmental impact. The systems are well known for high dependability and resistance to work in Nordic climate.

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Medicvent develops, manufactures and promotes a comprehensive range of products for evacuation of air pollution mainly within the hospital care environment. Main product is the Double Mask used for such procedures as anaesthesia and childbirth. The Double Mask protects the internal working environment and health of the staff through the elimination of harmful gases.

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Business directory

The directory contains 167 Cleantech companies. By Cleantech we mean products and services based on environmental and climate-smart solutions. Cleantech companies can be found in all industries, for example: energy, forestry, IT or life sciences. It is important that companies work with products, services and processes where environmental relevance is the driving force to create business and growth.

Companies in the directory presents their offering and what they are looking for in terms of customers and collaborations.


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