Vasa Companies won´t let Brexit stop them

Scotland's ambitious goals create opportunities. VEO plans to start a subsidiary in England.

Scotland has ambitious plans. The goal is to get 50 % heat, transport and electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

- Right now they are identifying the problems, which are a lot and we have some of the solutions, says Triinu Varblane international business developer at Merinova.

With “us”, Triinu Varblane means different companies and organisations in Vasa region, Västerbotten region and Örnsköldsvik municipality. Many of them are a part of the project Cleantech Kvarken.

- Cleantech Kvarken is a collaboration between state and municipality owned companies in four cities, organisations and private cleantech companies, Varblane says.

Some of them have displayed their products and competence during the All Energy exhibition in Scotland.

- Over 7000 people paid a visit to the exhibition and the more than 400 companies from 16 different countries, Varblane continues.

VEO is one of the companies displaying at the exhibition. The company is from Vasa and is offereing solutions in electrification and automation and they have been active in Great Britain for a long time.

- In England in particularly we can see very interesting growth opportunities, says Marko Ekman CEO for VEO.
This fall VEO is initiating big plans in UK, e.g. a subsidiaries and the diploma engineer Jarkko Aro will be responsible for the business in UK from August.

- We are going to work on strengthening the collaboration with our long term local partner I.C Electrical, Ekman says

The collaboration will be so close that Aro’s workplace will be in the head office of I.C.E in Burton upon Trent.

- We are going to strengthen the organization as we grow, Ekman continues.

When it comes to business opportunities in Great Britain, Brexit is what everyone is talking about. Varblane says that it is politically uncertain and no one really knows how the process will be.

Merinova has asked around among the companies in Vaasa and the answer from the companies in the region is that they are not afraid of Brexit.

- Our perception is that the companies have not changed their strategies because of Brexit, Varblane says.