Cleantech Kvarken

cross-border business collaboration

The project called Cleantech Kvarken sees Umeå, Örnsköldsvik and Vasa collaborating. The goal is cross-border business cooperation and export of products and services within energy, forestry, information technology and life sciences, where environmental relevance is the driving force. The project lasts for three years and involves more than 1.3 million EUR.

The project will strengthen the development of Västerbotten County, the Vasa Region and the municipality of Örnsköldsvik as leading the way in energy and environmental technology by gathering forces on both sides of Kvarken. For Västerbotten and Örnsköldsvik, it involves, among other things, advanced research, demonstrations and pilot facilities, as well as full-scale technology solutions. In Österbotten there are 11,000 employees in the energy sector and a science park with a focus on energy and environmental technology. The Finnish Government has designated Vasa as the Centre of Excellence in the area, and global leaders in Vasa sell energy and competence, among other places, in Africa.


The project will provide sustainable growth in the region, more jobs, more and growing companies, more commercially viable products and services, and will strengthen collaboration between academia, community, regions and industry.


The project is a great opportunity for both industry and public companies in water, sanitation and energy. The focus of the project lies mainly on emerging markets, but this will also lead to greater business collaboration between us.

in brief:

  • Swedish-finnish collaboration  
  • Budget: 1,3 miljon euro
  • Focus on cleantech companies