Maria Forsell i samtal med Karl-Erik Johansson

Multi-million investment in smart climate solutions

The next major project for northern Sweden was presented to Sweden’s Minster of Energy Ibrahím Baylan and 60 or so invited guests yesterday. With this, companies that focus on clean environments and climate smart technology will earn even more government support.

The Cleaner Growth project kicked off at an event last Tuesday at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Sixty or so key representatives from the corporate world and government agencies from throughout Sweden had been invited to the initial introduction of the work which will be launched to position the region as a leader in the environmental and energy technology sectors.

Cleaner Growth is a sister project with Cleantech Kvarken which is also aimed at developing the regions’ businesses in the fields of environmental technology, creating collaboration and supporting
work in marketing services and products at an international level. Both projects are part of the Kvarken region’s joint push within the fields of environmental technology and clean tech.

Minister of Energy Ibrahim Baylan was on hand to give his view of the projects which can be seen as a sign that these issues have become important at the government level.

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