Workshop on an infrastructure for natural gas vehicles

Cleantech Kvarken, in collaboration with BioFuel Region and Stormossen, held a workshop on the development of an infrastructure for natural gas vehicles over a weekend at Umeå Folkets Hus.

In 2013, the transportation sector, which is largely dependent on fossil fuels, accounted for 23% of global CO2 emissions. What other fuels are relevant?

The workshop, which was attended by both industrial and public organisations from Sweden and Finland, was divided into
three parts. The first part was aimed at charting the fossil-free alternatives that exist today. Part two involved determining the ideas, plans and wishes of participating companies and organisations related to future development of the infrastructure. During the third and concluding session, focus was aimed at what is needed to support the investment in natural gas vehicles, the types of market activities required along with studies and other efforts.

Download presentations from the workshop

Inledning och bakgrund - Peter Hedman Cleantech Kvarken och Anna Albinsson, BioFuel Region Pdf, 3.1 MB, opens in new window.
Möjligheter med CEF Synergy Call 2016 - Dr. Cecilia Wallmark, Geert Schaap SWECO Pdf, opens in new window.

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