Hanne Juel, Leader of Circular Economy Team, Central Denmark Region

Kickoff for business developers in a circular economy

How is the role of a business developer affected and how do business models change in a circular economy? How will the new thinking affect companies and the business world?

Denmark and Holland lead the field in the development of a circular economy and the project that has advanced the furthest in Europe is “ReThink Business - circular economy in Denmark”. During a morning session at P5 Väven in Umeå, we had a chance to find out more about circular economies. Laura Vidje, ESAM, held an inspiring introduction to circular economics and Hanne Juel, the leader of Circular Economy Team at ReThink Business and a pioneer in the field, explained tomorrow’s business models, as well as successes and learning within circular economics.

In a circular economy, everything is considered a resource and waste does not exist. Under the dialogue café session, representatives from various areas discussed circular economies, the circular economies that already existed in the region and what needed to be developed.

The morning session was organised by ESAM, UMEÅGALAN and the municipality of Umeå.

To find out more about circular economies, read ReThink Business External link, opens in new window.