Bostaden has installed and opened their first charging points at Ålidhem

In collaboration with Umeå Energi, Bostaden is now opening their first charging points for electric cars in one of their residential areas. Bostaden issued in a press release, that the opening ceremony will take place at the Hållbarhetsmässa at Vinterträdgården.

More charging points will be needed as electrically chargeable vehicles become more popular. By 2030, Sweden aim to have one million electric cars on the roads. BostadenPDF, in cooperation with Umeå Energi, has thus chosen to install two charging points with a total of four charging outlets at Geografigränd 2, Ålidhem. The opening ceremony will take place on Saturday 24th September, 13:00 at the Hållbarhetsmässa which will be held at Vinterrädgården, Geografigränd.

– Previously, Ålidhem has not had any charging possibilities for electric cars, but as Ålidhem has developed to a sustainable part of the city, we think this is a suitable location to place the charging points. At Ålidhem, there are already solar panels at the residential area, which will provide the charging points with renewable energy, says Royne Söderström, Sustainability Strategist at Bostaden.

15 SEK per hour

The charging points are mainly aimed at visitors. For those who want to use the charging points, it’s just to park and plug, which will cost 15 SEK per hour. Payments are handled through the app Parkster, which is also used in Bostaden’s other parking lots.

– This is another step towards a developed infrastructure for charging electric vehicles in Umeå. We are happy that with Bostaden, we get to contribute to this, says Henrik Bristav, Sustainability Strategist at Umeå Energi.

For more information:

Royne Söderström

Sustainability Strategist, Bostaden or 090-17 75 80


Henrik Bristav

Sustainability Strategist, Umeå Energi or 090-16 00 65

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