- It will be very exciting to work with our project partners to develop a test bed based on CNC which will further demonstrate the potential of biomass, the forest, which we have around us, says Emma Johansson, project manager for TinyBTalented. Press photo

Big Nanocellulose Projekt starts in Örnsköldsvik

With the aim to establish production of crystalline nanocellulose, CNC, a project has started in order to develop a test bed, TinyBTalented, for the development of new applications on a larger scale. The initiative has a budget of 8 million SEK and the project includes the establishment of work for future application development. The project is led by Processum in Örnsköldsvik.

Processum are leading the project and have wide support, with the parties participating including Holmen, Melodea, Mittuniversitetet, MoRe Research, Organofuel, RISE Kemi, material and ytor, S2Medical, SEKAB and Tetra Pak.

In Örnsköldsvik a pilot plant for the production of crystalline nanocellulose, CNC, is currently being built. The plant will be the first of its kind in Europe and is an important step for companies interested in developing CNC from cellulose-based materials. CNC has a lot of interesting material properties and can be used for things such as building materials, biocomposites, printed electronics, and paint additives.

The project will run for four years and will last until November 2020. Vinnova is investing 3.6 million SEK in TinyBTalented and the other parties involved are investing 4.4 million SEK. The constituent parties will either together or individually operate four application areas, namely CNC in flat shaped material, in wound dressings, as a force sensor in the multi-layer material, and for the functionalization of gas and liquid barriers. The project is additionally linked to an interesting council consisting of a number of additional companies and universities. 

- It is incredibly exciting that our project partners and this site will be entrusted to take action on fertile ground for the development of a new generation of bio-based material, says Emma Johansson, R&D engineer for Processum and project manager for TinyBTalented. It has an integrated infrastructure for biorefinery with the ability and skills to demonstrate all or part of the process flows from raw material to finished product in both pilot and demonstration scale. It is a good foundation for the development of crystalline nanocellulose. The structure of TinyBTalented also allows work for future application development, established in a sustainable way.

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