Cleantech Kvarken at Great Britains Biggest Exhibition in Renewable Energy

All Energy is the biggest exhibition in renewable energy in UK, which is taking place in Scotland each year. Cleantech Kvarken was there and made important connections with people working with the transition to renewable fuels and heat.

With Cleantech Kvarken was e.g. North Sweden Cleantech, a regional platform for cleantech companies, and Bioendev. Bioendev is a company that supplies technology for manufacturing biocoal and Rebecca Andersson from Bioendev was happy with these couple of days and had made important connections.

Scotland has set up strategies for energy efficiency and is facing big transitions, the biggest ones being in transport and heat. The goal is to, by 2030, having 50 % of heat, transport and electricity from renewable sources.

The renewable heating supply that is the main discussion in Scotland is district heating. According to Andy Robinson at HEEPS*, 1,5 million Scottish people are living in homes that are too cold. It is a big challenge to retrofit the old buildings to maintain the heat since they are not isolated and usually with one-glass-windows.

When asked if they have looked outside UK for the solutions to the transitions necessary in Scotland, Ross Loveridge from the Scottish government said that they have only looked at Germany and Denmark. He questioned whether or not that had been too narrow and excluding markets which have good solutions. North of Sweden and the Vaasa region is an area that definitely not should be excluded. The companies and the knowhow in the region have huge potentials on the Scottish market since we have a lot of the solutions Scotland is looking for.

*Home Energy Efficiency Programmes (HEEPS) is an initiative from the Scottish government that offers the inhabitants to look over their energy costs.

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