Cleantech Kvarken's new venture with corporate reception has become a success

The new way of working enables the energy and environmental industry companies on both sides of the Gulf of Bothnia to establish new business contacts. Swedish business developers are in Vaasa a couple of days each month to meet companies from the Vaasa region and business developer from Vaasa, visit Örnsköldsvik, Umeå and Skellefteå on the Swedish side.

Last week, Swedish business developers met companies in Vaasa, including Ampner, Norcar Automation, Jukolus, Gambit, Geopipe and PeTec. It was rewarding meetings where companies described the challenges and needs they have in order to establish themselves on the Swedish market. Based on company descriptions, Cleantech Kvarken now helps to establish contacts and provide requested information.

"After our meetings with the Finnish companies, I am convinced that this way of working will increase the exchange between Swedish and Finnish companies," says Jan Nyman, one of the Swedish representatives from Cleantech Kvarken, who was in place in Vaasa. Now we will go home and contact potential business partners.

The picture is taken at the latest Advisory Board in Örnsköldsvik. Johan Wasberg and Triinu Varblane from Merinova met up with companys from Örnsköldsvik together with Jan Nyman.