Petec Resumes Manufacturing of Ess-Drän

ESS-Drän, the efficient, safe, reliable, self-cleaning and cost effective drainage pipes is now for sale again. It is the company PeTex in Korsholm, Finland, that has resumed the production of it and the team from project Cleantehc Kvarken met them during a project meeting in Vaasa.

Reliable And Maintenance-Free
According to Peter Hästbacka, CEO of PeTec, the ESS-Drän operates in accordance with the gravity principle and is therefore reliable and maintenance-free. ESS-Drän monitors the level by allowing water to rise in a wide slit on the underside. When water is allowed to rise in a protected area, gravel, sand or soil particles do not come in to the pipe. Water also does not leak back from the pipe to the environment, preventing roots from penetrating into the pipe.
ESS-Drän Means Security
"A functioning drainage system is the most important investment in a building project. With ESS-Drän, the buyer receives a reliable, functional and maintenance-free drainage system", saysPeter Hästbacka. PeTec now wants to expand the sales of ESS-Drän to the Swedish market and seeks retailers.

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