Swedish Guests Interested in the Energy Cluster in the Vaasa Region

The Vaasa region had visitors from Jokkmokk in Sweden when the business development company in Jokkmokk, Strukturum, visited to learn more about the energy cluster and possible collaboration opportunities with the companies in the region.

About half of the Swedish hydropower come from Jokkmokk. Therefor, the visit started at VEO which has the competence in e.g. hydropower, wind power and distribution of electricity. VEO operates in several places in Sweden and the Swedish market is about 15 percent of VEO's sales. During the visit at VEO the possibility of an energy day in the municipality Jokkmokk with hydropower as a theme. An event like that would attract important companies in the business. On the trip was Ulf Hägglund, Åsa Labba och Maya Forsberg.

Promotion of Cooperation

The program of the day also included a visit to the Technology Center Merinova where the Swedish guests received information about Merinova's activities and role in the energy cluster companies.

In addition, a visit to VASEK was made, where the representatives from Strukturum recieved more detailed picture of the energy cluster in the region. Durin the day, the guests also met representatives from the higher educations in Vaasa to discuss opportunities for cooperation regarding technology education. Vaasa Electrical was also paid a visit.

The visit was arranged as part of the project, Cleantech Kvarken . Both project manager Maruiz Knuts and the Swedish guests were very pleased with the day.

"During the day we have promoted cooperation between Finnish and Swedish companies, which is one of the goals of the project", says Knuts.


For more information, please contact:

Mauritz Knuts

Project manager

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Energieffektivt byggande, VTT:s ombudsman