Cleantech Kvarken Takes Part in All-Energy

All-Energy is the biggest exhibition in UK for renewable energy and is every year held in Glasgow, Scotland. Cleantech Kvarken was their and made important connections with players working with the conversion to renewable energy.

All-Energy is the biggest exhibition for renewable energy and gathers important actors from the British market which creates opportunities to make connectiones with important players. The Umeå based company, Seaflex AB, which manufactures high quality and flexible mooring systems, shared a stand with Cleantech Kvarken together with the companies Jukolux and VEO and EnergyVaasa and North Sweden Cleantech.

All-Energy 2018 was a very interesting meeting place to make new connections within a segment that is expanding heavily around the world. A lot of interesting leads that hopefully will lead to business, and has potential to be very big projects and important collaborations. To share a stand was a cost efficient way to see whether the exhibition is rigth for your company, says Robin Wilhelmsson, Sales Executive at Seaflex AB.

Richard Bellingham, director for Sustainable Cities at Strathclyde University, gave a presentation during the exhibition and during a meeting with him, he shared e.g. how they are approaching the changes necessary for Glasgow to develop, become a smart sustainable city. Bellingham argues that it is important with a holistic approach, not letting each project be its own island, and at the same time look at what Glasgow needs instead of bying solutions and then look for the problem they should solve. Scotland is facing a big change and i.e. the goal of phase out diesel vehicles is set eight years earlier than the rest of UK. This means that there is a need for innovative solutions for alternative transports. To the companies in the region this means business opportunities since the services and products they offer could solve the problems Glasgow has.