The new Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel was unveiled in Piteå

Westport introduced the new Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel for gas and petrol, at the BioFuel Region's biogas network meeting in Piteå on 10th Novemeber. The meeting was organised by the BioFuel Region to gather stakeholders and to discuss the establishment of biogas refuelling stations around Bottenviken: from Umeå via Haparanda, Oulu and Vaasa.

Industry stakeholders showed interest in the concept instantly, and made an application to the EU - CEF calls for proposals in early 2017. The meeting in Piteå was a sequel to the network meeting organised by the BioFuel Region and Cleantech Kvarken in Umeå in April 2016.

The Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel has a range of about 400km with gas, and when used with petrol around 1400km. The new four-cylinder T5 two-litre turbo engine produces 254hp. The consumption in the combined cycle (automatic) uses 4.5kg of gas / 100km, or 6.8 litres of petrol / 100km. The model has an 8 speed Geartronic automatic transmission.

For more information about the event please contact Triinu Varblane or Johan Wasberg.

Volvocars press photo: Volvo V90